LTT is located near Goole, in close proximity to the ports of Immingham and Hull. Approximately 80% of the UK chemical industry is situated within 100 miles of our depot thus we are well located to service your needs.

We operate a fleet of specialized ADR certified vehicles equipped with both compressor and pumps to transport and deliver liquid chemical, food and gas containers including conventional 20’ and 30’ containers and 7.15m & 7.82m swap-tanks.

Our drivers are well experienced in handling temperature controlled products ranging up to 160dgc.

We are well aware that smooth handling of your orders is high on the list of expectations. By efficient planning and anticipating problems we aim to achieve that.

Handling a variety of hazardous chemicals and gases requires continuous attention by following correct procedures to ensure safety at all times.

Office staff and drivers are always reminded that safety is of paramount importance.

Please contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.

Pertochemical Transport UK and Europe by Lewis Tank Transport